Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Great start to the year!

So sorry I haven't done my blog for a little while but 2013 is so far a fantastically busy year and I'm loving every minute!

Well these are a few things I have been up to:-

-I now have a website up and running so when you can, go and take a look!


-I have designed a great teddy bear pattern, which I am so pleased with!  (Pictures below)

- Applepie House now sell my bears which has been truly amazing and they have been so supportive!

- I've started creating some fabric sculptures again and hand painting them as well!


The latest teddy bear design I have made is called "THE WILLOW TREE COLLECTION"and focuses on nature.
Hope you like!

I will be back very soon, promise! 


  1. I like your work, specially the lovely faces from your bears!
    Hugs, Conni