Thursday, 30 August 2012

New pattern

Up bright and early today, as yesterday I created a new pattern.

I can't wait to give it ago...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Here is "Buster",  all finished today!

"Hello pleased to meet you..."

"...and for my final shot..."

"Thats a lot of embroidery thread!"

Hope you like him, I am very pleased with the way he has turned out, now to clearing up the fur before I start my new one!

Watch this space!

Monday, 27 August 2012

"My nose is on!"

"My nose is on!"

I stayed up late and made the nose and claws............

                                                                         " Claws"

......... and this morning I was up early and fixed the nose into place. The nose is made out of Milliput and I have placed a wire loop in the back to help attach it to the bear along with very strong glue.

                                                                         "Front view "

                                                                          "Side view"

I will finish the face once the head is attached to the body.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The fluff ball!

Started my latest creation:- 

Thought I would try some more faux fur today as I had a lovely piece 2 1/2 pile and very soft.
I do find that faux fur seems to be more messy to work with that could just be me!

                                               Stage 1 

Here is the start! 
I have used the same head pattern that I used on "Flower", and again used Lockline for the Spine (I've wrapped it in felt and it will later be sewn into the body.)

                                                   Stage 2    

I have now trimmed the fur and put the eyes roughly where I want them...

                                                   Stage 3

...and now I have needle felted the face and started to re-root some of the fur onto the muzzle. I found it tricky with the faux fur, so I used a very small amount of fabric glue when needle felting it in to hold it in place.

So far 2 days work..... More pictures as I go! 


I have had great fun designing and making "Flower". 
I designed a new pattern for her and I'm pleased with the results. She is made from faux fur -1st time I have used it - and I have to say it works well, although I seem to have fur everywhere. ( I usually use mohair). I have also used Lockline and given her a spine, which works brilliantly, and added wire armature in her arms and legs.
Her face and nose are hand needle felted and painted.
All I need to do is wax her nose...

                                                                 "Please wax my nose!"

                                                                       Nose all waxed 

Friday, 10 August 2012

A busy week!

I have had a busy week creating my 2 new bears Poppy and Stanley.
I have really worked hard at all the little details and really think I have achieved something really special.
I made them to sell, but once again my daughter has fallen in love with them and doesn't want me to sell them, but .... we will see.
Made from lovely 7mm mohair and hand needle felted faces. Noses and claws made from Milliput.
Both have wire armature and are filled with a mixture of wood wool and kapok.



First open mouth I have created!

Hopefully if I get my husband onto it I should have a new blog or website for my bears called " Little Button Bears "

Hope you like them. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The bears that live in little button meadow!

Here are some of my latest bears that I have made so far: 


Here is "Peggy" made from Mohair and filled the traditional way using wood wool. I have also given her a traditional cardboard growler in her tummy, so when you tilt back she has a warm growl.
I have hand painted her fur and face to give a vintage look, and used glass boot buttons for eyes. She is wearing a handmade natural cotton dress with vintage lace trim and pocket, and around her neck she holds the key to your heart.


Again made from mohair and filled with wood wool. He is wearing his handmade clown collar and hat, and is ready too perform!


Here is "Nanook", my trail run at making a more realist bear.
Made from some gorgeous mohair and filled with wood wool and kapok.I have needle felted his face and made his nose, claws and pads from "Fimo". I think he is very handsome, but I know I want to make changes to his pattern.
I have finished off with hand painting his fur to give him that 'just been playing look.' He also wears a handmade collar and a vintage style luggage label already for his travel.
........ and yes I have a thing for collars!


Made from vintage velvet and aged by hand. She wears a little fine net tutu, lace collar and is finished off with a cute pink flower on her head. I have hand painted her paws and feet.
Think you will agree, she is as cute as a button!

More bears to follow........

I'm back after a long break due to illness, but I'm back fighting fit and ready to go yippee! 
I have lots on the go this year I want to get into Devon arts and craft guild and I have started to make teddy bears which I have to say they have got me hook line and sinker :)Here are some pictures of my recent work

"Humpty Dumpty"
"The White Rabbit"

"The Owl and The Pussycat"

All hand painted!