Sunday, 26 August 2012

The fluff ball!

Started my latest creation:- 

Thought I would try some more faux fur today as I had a lovely piece 2 1/2 pile and very soft.
I do find that faux fur seems to be more messy to work with that could just be me!

                                               Stage 1 

Here is the start! 
I have used the same head pattern that I used on "Flower", and again used Lockline for the Spine (I've wrapped it in felt and it will later be sewn into the body.)

                                                   Stage 2    

I have now trimmed the fur and put the eyes roughly where I want them...

                                                   Stage 3

...and now I have needle felted the face and started to re-root some of the fur onto the muzzle. I found it tricky with the faux fur, so I used a very small amount of fabric glue when needle felting it in to hold it in place.

So far 2 days work..... More pictures as I go! 

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