Thursday, 2 August 2012

The bears that live in little button meadow!

Here are some of my latest bears that I have made so far: 


Here is "Peggy" made from Mohair and filled the traditional way using wood wool. I have also given her a traditional cardboard growler in her tummy, so when you tilt back she has a warm growl.
I have hand painted her fur and face to give a vintage look, and used glass boot buttons for eyes. She is wearing a handmade natural cotton dress with vintage lace trim and pocket, and around her neck she holds the key to your heart.


Again made from mohair and filled with wood wool. He is wearing his handmade clown collar and hat, and is ready too perform!


Here is "Nanook", my trail run at making a more realist bear.
Made from some gorgeous mohair and filled with wood wool and kapok.I have needle felted his face and made his nose, claws and pads from "Fimo". I think he is very handsome, but I know I want to make changes to his pattern.
I have finished off with hand painting his fur to give him that 'just been playing look.' He also wears a handmade collar and a vintage style luggage label already for his travel.
........ and yes I have a thing for collars!


Made from vintage velvet and aged by hand. She wears a little fine net tutu, lace collar and is finished off with a cute pink flower on her head. I have hand painted her paws and feet.
Think you will agree, she is as cute as a button!

More bears to follow........

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